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What are Crypto Airdrops?

Airdrops are a free crypto tokens giveaways to promote the project, spread awareness, and improve distribution and appreciation of the tokens.

Traditionally, crypto airdrops were distributed for free to active user wallets. Currently, they are most often earned for social media actions promoting the project, such us, liking it on socials, joining telegram groups, or posting on forums.

The airdrop distributors, i.e., Airdrop King, Airdrop Rating, or Skyrush, manage the airdrop campaigns and distribute free token rewards to participants based on their activity. Token giveaways became so popular and profitable in recent years, that airdrop hunting became a whole new profession.

Types of Free Airdrops

Holder Airdrop happens when tokens are sent to all or random active wallets that hold specific tokens, for example, ETH or EOS. A good example is the 2017 global Omisego airdrop that aimed to increase token distribution and security.

Signup Airdrop or Standard Airdrop requires you to fill the form and actively sign up for the campaign, sharing at least your name and email address. An example could be the stellar airdrop, which also required you to get the Blockchain Wallet.

Bounty Airdrop usually requires some action, like following the project on social media, liking, tweeting, commenting on forums, and joining a telegram group.

Hardfork Airdrop happens when a cryptocurrency coin splits into two separate currencies, and users can choose which protocol to follow and which token they’d like to hold. The newly formed coins are distributed by airdrop, as was the case with Bitcoin Cash.

Exclusive Airdrops are usually reserved for a specific community or chosen members to express gratitude and inspire or reward loyalty.

Why Choose Skyrush for Earning Airdrop Tokens?

Skyrush is a top airdrop directory helping airdrop hunters find the best and most profitable token giveaways.

You get access to an easy and intuitive dashboard with all the relevant information in one place. All listed airdrops are researched and pre-vetted by our team for your convenience, with quick links to all the actions you need to take. Airdrop hunting has never been this fast.

Wait! There is more! Every time you get your airdrops with Skyrush, you get additional rewards in the form of Skyrush’ tokens, EGG.

You also get a free Skyrush wallet and access to Skyrush exchange where you can buy and sell your tokens or cash out into fiat.

Stay Safe While Earning Free Tokens: Safety Tips

With the quickly growing popularity of airdrops, some parties are willing to go to some lengths to exploit the space and waste your time and money. You should stay vigilant and always do your research.

Private Key Scams hope to extort information about your private keys from you. In that case, the airdrop forms you fill will ask that you share your keys to obtain your free tokens. You should NEVER share your private keys to your cryptocurrency wallets with anyone, EVER.

Information trolls will organize a faux airdrop to gather and sell your personal information or use it in phishing scams. Airdrops often require you to share your name, email address, and social handles. To stay safe, you could create separate social media accounts for airdrop hunting, research the airdrop projects in-depth, and use trusted airdrop directories, like Skyrush.

Pump and Dump schemes include generating a short-lived hype via the airdrop and social media campaigns (pump) to sell-off the tokens (dump) as soon as they are available on exchanges. Once the project makers cash out, they abandon the project and let the token value go to zero. To avoid pump and dump schemes, you should choose project teams with a good track record, professional white paper, and a valuable token that will contribute to its ecosystem.

Partnering Airdrops Scheme. Some airdrops are created for the sole purpose of getting you to sign for another airdrop and cashing out on the referral bonuses. Although, in theory, you don’t lose money, you waste precious time on an unviable token. Always do your own research and participate only in airdrops with valuable tokenomics, good white paper, and experienced team.